Thursday, July 29, 2010

Color Dilemma

 Our house at the moment is painted in a lot of neutral fall colors. BORING!!!! Not to mention dark. But when it comes to picking colors I'm a serious chicken and I always resort to beige (try not to loose all respect for me). See here's my problem. Mr.O won't let me paint. I'm terrible at it. Just isn't something I'm good at. So I know that whatever colors I choose will stay on those walls until the paint starts to flake off. Which in all likelihood would be 20+ years. So the color I pick has to be perfect and it needs to be versatile so that I can change up the decor as the years go by. Can you feel the pressure yet? So considering that the new house we bought is a 5 minute walk to the lake I wanted to go with a more coastal feel. Does anyone have any suggestions on paint colors? If you click on the "Our House" tab at the top you can see pictures of our house before we moved in. That is not my furniture people!!

No offense intended to the previous home owners. Please don't egg our house. Thank you!

Images curtesy of "Coastal Living"

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